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CSS Introduces Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers

CSS Introduces Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers

CSS Introduces Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers

Each Sur-Gard receiver features leading security measures, such as 128-bit AES encryption to maintain a secure network environment when communicating with IP communicators or licensed 3rd party IP transmitters.

All automation links are continuously supervised. If the ‘heartbeat’ signal is not acknowledged, the Sur-Gard receivers that have been configured for redundancy display a notification before switching to the backup automation connections. The SG-System III, IV and 5 receivers automatically switch from the primary Ethernet port to the secondary Ethernet port, then to the primary serial port, and finally to the secondary serial port before going into manual mode.

The SG-System III, IV and 5 deliver complete auto-switching redundancy for backup. For example, if the primary CPM stops working, the secondary unit automatically takes over all duties until the problem is resolved. All of these receivers also have replaceable power supply backup with the primary and secondary power supplies performing load sharing, so they can automatically take over without any user intervention. All components are also ‘hot swappable’ so they can be quickly removed and/or replaced while the system is live. Disaster recovery is easily addressed with SG-System III, IV and 5. Using a PRI/T1 circuit allows a primary central monitoring station to have communication to the receivers routed to an alternate disaster recovery facility using available phone service provider options. This prevents any downtime and ensures that monitoring activities continue ‘as normal’.

Geared to support innovative alarm verification solutions, PIR cameras are strategically installed as part of a security system and are activated the moment an alarm is triggered. Via the SG-System 5 Receiver, images are sent instantly through to the monitoring facility where the situation can rapidly and accurately be assessed and escalated to authorities, if required, while providing respondents with critical information. The Sur-Gard Console allows Central Monitoring Stations access to visual verification images. In conjunction with compatible automation companies, the integrated software allows for seamless visual verification viewing and increased output that enhances the speed of processing alarm communications.

CSS Introduces Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers

Small Footprint and Powerful Performance

Every Sur-Gard receiver packs a mighty punch in a small package, but this small footprint by no means compromises performance. The newest SG-System 5 is no exception and builds upon the Sur-Gard world-leading legacy to offer even higher account density per U rack for a reduced overall size of 4U. The receivers deliver the configuration flexibility you demand. For example, you can receive alarms via traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) telephone lines

or over IP connections (using IP communicators, or licensed 3rd party IP transmitters). With the ability to accept multiple communication formats from control panels, the number of physical receivers required can be greatly reduced – saving not only valuable space, but capital costs.

Sur-Gard receivers use patented technologies to help reduce online time, saving staffing and phone line costs. ANI reception lets the SG-System receiver identify the calling control panel. DNIS reception can first identify the phone number the panel dialed and then switch to the correct profile (receiver type) and change the programming accordingly.

Once ANI or Caller ID information has been received, the patented Automatic Handshake Selection (AHS) technology instantaneously remembers the required handshake of the incoming control panel, eliminating the need for handshake order. The average online time saving is approximately 4 seconds per call which adds up to significant savings in a busy central station.

The mix and match feature of the IP and PSTN line cards available in the SG-System III and IV receivers deliver the configuration potential needed: up to 64 different profiles, each with up to eight different handshakes on each line card. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) increases the speed, accuracy and flexibility of each line card to allow processing of greater number of communication formats.

In SG-System III and IV receivers, the integrated virtual technology learns where a call originates and its destination so the first available line card can answer the call. This process eliminates fixed-line hunt groups and maximizes line card use, meaning fewer are needed.

The new SG-System 5 ensures that the investment in the system is future-proofed by catering to growing system requirements. Up to 1,474,560 Cellular or Ethernet communicators can be monitored through upgrade license keys. SG-System 5 also supports industry trending alarm verification solutions such as visual verification, significantly reducing incremental costs that can be incurred by false alarms, while adding to the security professional’s RMR.

CSS Introduces Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers


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