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Worried about UL827? Don’t be!

  • September 18, 2018
  • by geoffreyv
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What Impact will UL 827 Have on Your Business? Let’s break it down for you.

Equipment & Communication Redundancy
  • Do you have redundancy, do you have a single PBX phone system?
  • Do you have primary & redundant PBX phone system?
  • Is the process automatic from primary to redundant?

Adtran Atlas 550 Channel Bank
  • Is your company using Atlas 550 systems for PRI to Analog Conversion?
  • Do you have multiple Atlas 550 systems with automatic failover?
  • Can any Atlas 550 manage any call?

PRI Circuits
  • Do you have more than one circuit for Alarm communication?
  • Do you have more than one circuit for Voice communication?
  • Are you blending Alarm and Voice over multiple PRI circuits?
  • Are you using alternate call paths with alternate providers?


The functional requirement has grown to assure everything is working. Companies need to monitor all of the deliverable technology that interacts with data & delivery including:

  • Phone System
  • Servers, Switches & Routers
  • Receivers
  • UPS-Generators
  • All Communication links

MEW Factor – Monitoring Equivalent Weight
  • MEW factor is used to determine the hardware requirements for your Central Station
  • UL 827 assigns a different weight to each account type:
    • Commercial Accounts – 1
    • Opening & Closing Accounts – 3
    • Residential – 1/3
  • More accounts means more equipment and sufficient redundancy
    • Two Servers required for MEWS 1,000 to 10,000
    • Three Servers required for MEWS 10,000 to 100,000
  • Anything using a server. automation software, fax service, phone systems, building access control, accounting, data storage and call recording

CSS and Aeonix to the Rescue
  • UL827 Ready
  • Linux Based Application
  • Virtual N+1 Redundant Platform
  • Active-Active-Active load sharing
  • CSTA to Automation Software
  • PRI to Analog Conversion
  • Single Synchronized Data Base
  • No Geographic Limitation
  • VM Ware & Hyper V
  • Networked Gateways
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Mobile PER

Need 20 PRI circuits, no problem. Need 480 Analog circuits, no problem.


500 IP Phones and some remote via the Internet, no problem.


Aeonix Enhanced self Monitoring Tool for UL827, no problem.


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