Communication Services Solutions

Total Solutions for the Security Industry

CSS provides multiple solutions and services to the security industry. Including CSS Cloud Services featuring hosted alarm management to the receiver farm, hosted automation software, and hosted phone services. CSS AlarmConnect™ includes data and SIP circuits, toll-free and local numbers, and RespOrg services to tier-one providers. Other solutions include Aeonix telephony, SecurVoice call recording, and Sur-Gard System 5 for Central Stations.

CSS AlarmConnect™

Full Resporg Services and Circuit Management to Multiple Providers

Services include Data circuits for IP communication, Internet and cloud connection, and SIP Trunks for voice and alarm communication, with IAD termination. We can provide voice minutes, toll-free, DID numbers, Cellular services and SIM cards. And you can keep your IP services.  

Cloud Services

Dual UL Data Centers with Automatic Redundancy 

CSS introduces Cloud Services, a UL and ULC-compliant solution. Individual services include hosted alarms to the receiver farm, analog and IP. Hosted automation software, accounting software and more. Along with hosted phone services, using hard or soft phones with call recording.

CSS Aeonix Telephony

Aeonix Premises or Cloud-Based Telephony 

Services include alarm communication management to the receivers, two-way voice, PERS and MPERS management and hard and soft phones. You can also add voice mail, auto attendant and unified communications. This solution can easily integrate Aeonix Contact Center and call accounting software and has a CSTA REST API interface for all automation software.




CSS Cloud Services

UL and ULC-compliant CSS Cloud Services include hosted alarms to the receiver farm, hosted automation software, accounting software, phone services and hard or soft phones with call recording…


CSS AlarmConnect™

CSS AlarmConnect™ includes data circuits for IP communication, Internet and cloud connection. As well as SIP Trunks for voice and alarm communication, with IAD termination. And, voice minutes, toll-free and DID numbers …


Aeonix Telephony

The Aeonix premises or cloud-based telephony solution includes alarm communication management to the receivers, two-way voice, PERS and MPERS management, hard and soft phones and voice mail…


Aeonix Channel Bank

Aeonix channel banks replace your Adtran Atlas 550 channel banks. They are UL 827 redundant, with at least two PRI gateways, dual automatic redundant Aeonix applications and two analog gateways providing 24 analog circuits each…



SecurVoice a professional telephony recording solution from CSS, lets you effectively increase operator productivity by monitoring real-time activity… 


System 5 Receiver

The  SG-System 5 builds upon the CSS and Sur-Gard legacy, maintaining world-leading quality standards in monitoring station receivers. Sur-Gard is known to deliver the utmost reliability…


CSS Support Services

CSS is committed to total customer satisfaction and peace of mind, and the customer support center is monitored 24 hours a day. CSS also provides customer care agreements… 


For Remote Workers

In response to the changing nature of work and the need to remain UL compliant, Communication Service Solutions introduces a new end-to-end remote worker package…




Are you looking to offer your security customers more services and products and add value while generating new revenue streams? Is it mission-critical to update your central station operations or build completely new UL and ULC-compliant facilities? Then look no further than Communication Service Solutions (CSS) to assist you. Our new solution and services lineup includes data centers with automatic redundancy, full Resporg services, circuit management to multiple providers, Aeonix premises, or cloud-based telephony. In addition, CSS can provide you with Sur-Gard central station receivers and customer care agreements. As well as channel banks, SecurVoice call recording, automation software and IP phone systems. CSS is the one-stop provider for everything you need.

CSS has established itself as the leader in the North American Security Industry. And, in fact, as a leading consultant with 30+ years of experience, we empower customers to achieve total efficiency, agility, and complete control of their IT infrastructure.

Through careful planning, customers realize substantial cost savings, not limited to reducing the overhead of equipment and support but also minimizing footprint, electrical and cooling requirements, and the overall cost of licensing compliance. In addition, CSS engineers are the best and hold relevant certifications with Microsoft, VMware, and EMC.

Playing a large part in the industry acquisition boom of the last decade, we’ve built some of the largest turn-key state-of-the-art central stations for some of the largest companies in the security industry. These include AvantGuard, NMC, USA Central Station, Emergency 24, Armstrong and Acadian Monitoring, to name a few.