Recording Solutions for

Central Monitoring Stations


CSS provides a versatile recording solution designed to help your organization effectively document all aspects of business operations, safeguard sensitive information, and minimize risks. With Aeonix SecurVoice, you can effortlessly record multimedia interactions from telephony setups and agents’ screens across different sites. This comprehensive solution enables you to capture, store, tag, search, and replay multiple interactions seamlessly. Fully integrated with the Aeonix platform, SecurVoice enhances operational efficiency by offering valuable additional features.


SecurVoice is a fully IP-based solution designed for active SIP recording. It can record various endpoints and logical entities within the system, such as analog end points, digital trunks, VoIP phones, SIP trunks, user entities, ULAs, trunk groups, and contact center agents.

Active recording operates seamlessly within deployment and network structures, facilitating centralized recording without port mirroring. Recording can be triggered by DNIS/ANI based on specific time and date parameters, with the ability to configure up to one thousand recording rules.

Additionally, the built-in CSTA integration ensures comprehensive metadata per record, particularly beneficial in contact center setups. SecurVoice compresses recorded audio files into standard GSM and WAV formats, enabling easy sharing and integration with third-party technologies.


Complete and Feature-Rich

  • Scalable: Customizable to suit the organization’s demands and needs regardless of size.
  • Centralized Management: Centralized management for distributed systems enables administrators and managers to control their organization fully from one single location, including central configuration and maintenance, recording search and replay, and live call monitoring.
  • Flexible: Aeonix SecurVoice uses active recording technology to record any device at any time without using hardware adapters or setting up switches with mirrored ports. It can also be started and stopped on demand by any user directly from the phone or their desktop application.
  • Resilient: Full redundancy and high availability on all system elements, such as recording servers, files, databases, and management access, and supports distributed and centralized storage.
  • Fully Integrated: Allows setting up advanced recording rules from Aeonix and sending advanced metadata for contact center recordings.
  • PCI DSS is Compliant: Supports file encryption mechanisms and prevents private information recording capabilities.
  • Standards-Based: Uses SIP and CSTA to connect to Aeonix: standard Voice file formats (GSM, PCM) and databases (MS-SQLMySQL, Oracle).

Aeonix SecurVoice Add-ons

  • SecurVoice Screen Logging: Gives your organization a 360° view of your agents’ activities, capturing both the voice and screen interaction in sync.
  • WebSDK: Web Services API that enables integration with external applications such as a CRM.
  • Encryption Module: Allows recording encryption, ensuring that even if a security breach occurs on the server, the files obtained will have another level of encryption. The system provides an additional module that can encrypt the voice recording files using 256-bit AES encryption. In case the recording server or disk has been compromised, the files are still protected.
  • SecurVoice Diagnostics Module: Provides a comprehensive monitoring and alarm system, empowering the IT department to detect and manage any abnormalities in the recording system. SecurVoice diagnostics supports notification via email, client notification and SNMP.
  • Search and Replay: SecurVoice enables you to access and manage your voice recording files via a client or a web browser. It also supports monitoring agents’ screens and voice calls in real-time.
    aeonix securvoice screenshot

    Archiving and Recycling

    SecurVoice archiving provides flexible storage capabilities to retain large volumes of calls online and archive contacts to removable media such as DVD RAM and network-based storage resources (NAS/SAN). SecurVoice offers a backup strategy configuration, which makes your archive management more efficient.

    SecurVoice recycle features assist users in managing storage resources periodically and automatically. You can choose to clear data on the storage media and the database periodically to keep your archive system in good health. This will definitely relieve you from the burden of hard disk space management.

    Integrated Management Platform (AXLogIMP)

    A web-based management application that allows a distributed system of multiple servers and sites to be managed as one system from a single point. This application supports all the management capabilities of the entire system, including:

    • Configuration
    • Search and replay
    • User definition
    • Audit Trail