Dual UL Data Centers with

Automatic Redundancy


CSS Cloud Services gives you the power of the most robust, scalable infrastructure hosted in our listed data centers. We’ve installed and managed the latest gear, so you don’t have to. As central station operations have become more technology-focused, it’s a challenge to maintain skilled staff and manage the costs to stay competitive. Why not outsource that?

We take all of CSS’s offerings to our on-premises customers and offer it as a service. You only pay for what you use but benefit from the latest and greatest, scaled to your needs.

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  • Hosted alarms to the receiver farm, analog and IP 
  • Hosted automation software, accounting software and other software 
  • Hosted phone services, hard or soft phones with call recording 
  • UL and ULC *


Hosted Aeonix

Hosted voice services designed for the security industry that can grow with your business without the upfront investment in infrastructure.

Hosted IVR

Intelligent IVR services with features such as Area Code or Caller Recognition Routing.

Hosted Receivers

The CSS receiver bank is automation agnostic. We can output your signalling to any vendor, whether your servers reside on-premises or are hosted in the CSS cloud.

Hosted Automation

Take the server management expense and headaches off your plate by hosting your servers in our HA multi-node, multi-site, redundant cluster. We work with any automation.


Hosted SaaS

Do you have other servers that need hosting? Use our Dell Apex-backed cloud solution with flex-on-demand resources for guaranteed uptime.

Hosted ACC

Hosted management and control of call center routing and dispatcher resources, custom real-time, historical, and cradle-to-grave reporting to quantify contact center metrics.

Hosted Voice Recording

A hosted recording solution ensures you remain compliant and assists with training and complaint resolution without the headache of managing the required infrastructure.


Let’s be honest. What is the cloud? It’s just someone else’s data center. There are some things like web or application services that you can host in the public clouds at Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Your service is running in a cold data center, managed by staff that needs to understand our business and that we protect life and property. CSS has been offering hosted cloud services for seven years before the pandemic. We’re a service provider, unlike other companies that have tried to jump on this bandwagon. We don’t monitor accounts. We don’t sell software. We’re agnostic to your preferred vendors and will never compete with you.

*UL File Number S24580, S25194