In contrast to call centers, Aeonix Contact Center represents essential robust multimedia contact points between companies and their customers. Contact centers allow customers to choose between telephony, email, and chat customer contact options. This allows companies to track and manage time in queue, make intelligent and sophisticated routing decisions for their customer contacts, and help minimize call abandonment. It allows companies to maximize return on investment within their agent base and to ensure that staffing adjusts dynamically to demand.

Aeonix Contact Center’s detailed historical, real-time and cradle-to-grave reporting allows organizations to easily and quickly measure contact center resources and adjust to changing business demands. Aeonix Contact Center integrates seamlessly with customer CRM solutions and can easily blend inbound and outbound calls to manage sales campaigns and customer order processing. Our customers and resellers recognize Aeonix Contact Center as the most intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use contact center in the industry.



  • True universal queuing
  • CRM and database integration
  • Multi-site support
  • Sophisticated IVR
  • Outbound, callback and campaigns
  • Superior management information system
  • State-of-the-art CSR tools
  • Screen-pops
  • Language support
  • Hot redundancy
  • Cradle to grave reporting
  • Multi-layer routing priority, skill-based, statistical, business rules, customer value
  • 2000 configurable agents
  • 600 concurrent agents
  • 256 groups
  • 128 supervisors
  • 256 routing scenarios
  • 256 skills
  • 256 agentboards


Aeonix Contact Center provides a one-server solution for UC&C and Contact Center applications and feature sets. Single server deployment with intuitive and central management capabilities reduces the time, footprint, and resources required to manage the system.

Easy to operate and maintain – The Aeonix Contact Center applications were developed completely with the end user in mind. No IT specialist is required to make changes or generate detailed reports; the contact center supervisor can easily manage the ACC.

Upscaling requires license changes only – A simple upgrade process allows customers to upscale quickly. Simple licensing changes allow customers to add more agents or applications to their system seamlessly and intuitively. No additional hardware is required.

Customers are looking for solutions that can provide “more for less,” something that the Aeonix Contact Center is especially well-positioned to do. With minimum hardware required simple implementation, and maintenance processes, customers will experience the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Software Architecture

  • 100% .Net technology
  • Single or multiple-site
  • Supports full-service or third-party central stations
  • Integration to all major automation software solutions
  • Dynamically configurable feature selection
  • Fully integrated recording and quality monitoring
  • Scalable from four to ten thousand channels


  • IP, analog trunk, analog station, digital station, T1, E1, PRI
  • IP recording via managed network switch port
  • Full-time, scheduled, and rules-based recording (rules on user, group, site, server, channel, direction, calling, called, calling name, percentage)
  • Compression options: GSM, ADPCM, PCM (aLaw, uLaw, Linear)
  • Key press record on demand from initiation point forward
  • Key press record on demand of the entire call
  • Minimum call length setting
  • Key press free agent seating requires no CTI link or desktop software
  • Industry standard. WAV format


  • Configurable. WAV file encryption: DES, RC2, Triple DES, Rijndael
  • The user and IP address logs all system configuration activity
  • Configurable permission levels on a per-user basis
  • SSL support for Web-based user interface
  • Passwords can be set to expire, and strong passwords can be enforced


  • Automated database backup and maintenance
  • Self-monitoring: backup, purging, network connectivity, line synchronization, database, recording verification, storage, and file transfer
  • Self-monitoring generated alarms to the Application Event Log/email list
  • Alarms can be escalated to separate email lists
  • Built-in diagnostic tools
  • Recorders can run independently until temporary storage fills if the Database or Storage is offline.

Solution Highlights

The Aeonix Contact Center base package includes the Aeonix Contact Center
 Engine for establishing call-routing rules. An Administration 
application allows for the creation of contact center profiles
and parameters. System administrators and managers
can generate and customize real-time, historical, and
cradle-to-grave reporting to quantify and optimize contact
center metrics. In addition, a powerful and intuitive agent
application desktop tool allows agents to manage calls
 through simple on-screen icons.

Optimize Contact Center Resources with Intelligent Routing Capabilities

Aeonix Contact Center software uses intelligent routing to
 ensure the most qualified agent handles calls. An
intuitive GUI interface is available to configure user-defined 
routing rules and priorities, designed to ensure the
best use of available resources while optimizing customer
service. Statistical routing rules allow:

  • Expanded routing options when the predicted waiting
time exceeds a pre-defined threshold (multiple overflows options)
  • Routing calls to an alternative destination (e.g., IVR, VM) if predicted wait-time exceeds pre-defined thresholds (interflow functionality)
  • Call handling by the agent group that can provide the fastest service
  • Routing to the available agent whose ratio of calls answered/log-in time is the lowest among all the available agents (agent performance) – this method ensures equal call load between all agents

Routing decisions can also be determined by:

  • Skill groups
  • ANI and DNIS information supplied with the call from a central office
  • Information retrieved from an IVR, website or external database

Aeonix Contact Center Reports

Real-time reports can be saved as public documents, which
are available to any supervisor or as private documents
which are available only to the supervisor who created the

Enhanced Customer Service

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enables
 automated voice prompts/menus and caller input to be used

  •  Define the requirements of an incoming call
  • Retrieve data from an external database
  • Provide voice messages to callers waiting in the queue
  • Call back customers who chose not to wait in the queue

Should a caller be held in a queue, Aeonix Contact Center software offers options to ease the wait, including:

  •  Announcement of the predicted wait time
  • Music or personalized announcements
  • Option via IVR prompting to request a call-back from an agent

Extend Value with Powerful Inbound and Outbound

Aeonix Contact Center software also supports blended routing that lets agents call contacts in response to:

  •  Abandoned calls – Aeonix Contact Center automatically returns calls based on an identified abandoned call.
  • IVR call back – to help the contact center optimize its services without increasing the number of agents. This feature can return calls based on IVR information captured from a caller in the queue that requests a return call at a particular time.
  •  Web call back – to allow business transactions to be completed that cannot be finalized on the web (such as payment). Agents can respond to a telephone number and preferred contact time message provided by a customer who has used the “Call Me” button on an organization’s website.
  •  Automatic dialling from a customer list – to expedite contacts, the software automatically generates calls according to a database-generated customer list and connects them to an agent for handling.

Enhance Communications with
Multimedia Options

The Aeonix Contact Center solution delivers multimedia contact center functionality. Requests via email and web chat can be handled using the same business routing rules as voice calls. Web and email routing capabilities enable the most skilled agents to handle customers or sales prospects via their preferred media.

Screen Capture

  • Provides for screen capture of the operator’s activity as they
    maneuver within the automation software or other used process
  • SecurVoice screen capture can capture information from up to three
    screens per operator (positioning)
  • Screen capture provides a programmable wrap-up time
    for operator notes and is linked to the call or calls performed
    by the operator
  • Recorded calls with or without screen capture can be emailed
  • SecurVoice screen capture requires its own server for limited storage

Live Monitoring

  • Provides for live monitoring of an operator at the time of the call
  • Select which operator and listen to their call live
  • The SecurVoice dashboard provides a visual indication of which
    operators are on a call, how many calls are received and made, and overall
    talk time, idle time and average idle and talk times
  • Select the operator to Live Monitor

Storage Management

  • Supports multiple databases, including MySQL and SQL Server
  • Scheduled and rules-based transfer to long-term centralized storage
  • Scheduled and rules-based file purging/backup, Supports network-
    based storage
  • CSS 19” rack mount servers. 2U to 4U. 500GB dual HD with Raid 1

Onsite Installation

Installation includes Server installation and configuration, interconnect wiring and basic administrator training.
Installation does not include Moving existing equipment or premise wiring.  Extensions must be labelled and identified before Securvoice installation.

Salesforce Integration

Provides for interface to Salesforce. Where Salesforce is used, and information by technical or sales teams is entered into Salesforce in association with a phone conversation, the call and Salesforce action can be cross-referenced by SecurVoice – Salesforce integration.

Increase Contact Center Control

Aeonix Contact Center Visor software enables real-time supervision, historical reports, and remote supervision to maximize efficiency and optimize the level of service provided to customers and prospects. The real-time supervision module provides a dashboard-style view of the real-time status of the contact center, including:

  • Contact Center load analysis
  • ANI and DNIS analysis
  • Sliding window interval reports
  • Trunk activities
  • ACD and non-ACD call activity
  • Outbound and inbound call activity
  • Calls-in-queue statistics
  • Wrap-up time information
  • Threshold reports

Aeonix Contact Center Reports

Real-time reports can be saved as public documents, available to any supervisor, or as private documents, available only to the supervisor who created the report.

Historical reports, allowing strategic business analysis, can be customized to provide records relating to almost any activity or functionality of the contact center or agent. Different fields can sort an extensive set of available templates, and an intuitive report editor enables graphical or tabular reports. Reports can be scheduled to print automatically. They are easily exportable into other business management application tools.
Sample reports include:

  • Abandoned call reports with caller ID information
  • Email messaging reports
  • Agent activity logs
  • Group performance reports
  • Wrap-up reports
  • Agent performance reports

Lower Cost, Increased Revenue per Agent

Using supervisor monitoring as a training tool, agents can be taught as they work.
Relevant learning experiences decrease training time and increase effectiveness. In addition, statistics culled from real-time data produce actionable intelligence, helping managers better deploy agents by removing or adding them to a shift as needed. Hold times are also reduced, leading to increased call completions and higher captured revenues.

Expand Management Flexibility
for Remote Workers

A supervisor can activate a station remotely through the WAN or the Internet so that managers can work from home or alternate office locations. Remote management lets consultants enter the system to monitor the organization’s work.

Increase Agent Productivity

Aeonix Contact Center Agent gives contact center workers an intuitive, Windows-based, on-screen toolbar that can be customized by either the administrator or the agent to include the most frequently used features. Because the application requires minimal screen space, agents can simultaneously view multiple PC applications, including tools such as CRM applications native to the contact center. Agents can easily continue performing logins/logouts and release and resume functions directly from their PC desktops while the toolbar is active and visible. Agent Board software enables real-time messages to be displayed on a PC screen to let agents and managers easily view vital statistics.


Aeonix Contact Center Agent runs on Win7
Aeonix Contact Center Software runs on
Windows 2003/8 server with:
Aeonix – V1.0 or later
IPx – V16 or later

SIP-based integration

ACD groups-maximum 256
Supported number of concurrent users:
IPx – 500
Aeonix V1.0 – 600