Aeonix Dispatch Console

Emergency Operations

Control Console

CSS Aeonix Dispatch Console –
Respond Faster, Resolve Better

The Aeonix Dispatch Console allows organizations to respond to incidents, emergencies, and facility events rapidly and supports interoperable communications among users of all devices (wherever they are located). It also provides control of remote extensions through an easy-to-use on-screen interface.

The Aeonix dispatch console allows the dispatcher to communicate with one or more peers (in pre-defined or ad hoc conferences) with a button click. By adhering to open standards, dispatchers can also view live feeds from critical nodes on the network (manned/unmanned) using Pan-Tilt-Zoom-controlled CCTV cameras. All the calls in the dispatch system can be recorded and stored for future analysis and review.

The console is implemented as an HTML 5 Web Application and runs from a desktop web browser or a portable device such as a tablet or smartphone.


  • Revolutionary UI design
  • Touch screen dispatch console
  • Endpoint status (presence)
  • Group division of users
  • Priority answer
  • Silent monitor
  • Visual alerts to the dispatcher
  • Voice reporting
  • Managed group call
  • Zone page
  • Mobility – HTML 5-based application for tablet

The Power of CSS Aeonix

Easy to use, Touch screen –It is easy to use and administer. The user (dispatcher) sits in front of a touch screen with two (2) physical phones on one side of the screen and decides which one to use. With a press of a button on the screen, the user can activate calls and features, and the fact that it can be used with a touch screen makes the operation quick and easy.

Ergonomic user interface – There was a lot of thought planning in the design of the screens. The buttons are large and easily viewed. Different colours represent different stages of the user’s presence (hold, idle, on a call etc…). GUI has a new look and supports the latest designs of today’s applications.

HTML -5  – The Dispatch console is the first line of Tadiran products, which uses the latest cutting-edge technology like HTML5, web services, etc…

HTML 5 can fit itself into any device like Tablets, Smartphones, etc…

Open and Flexible – The Aeonix Dispatch console has more advanced integration interfaces and connects to more communication technologies than any other console. We supply or partner/integrate with the appropriate API and development tools, which will allow 3rd party applications to integrate with ADC …like a Swiss army knife.

All operating systems – Can run on all O/S and also in a virtualized environment

Feature-rich – it mirrors all the all the features of the Aeonix


ADC v1.0 Functionality

  • Break in
  • Silent monitor
  • Record
  • Call preemption
  • Hold\retrieve
  • Transfer\conference
  • Screen lock
  • Visual alerts
  • Zone page
  • Presence
  • Make calls at the push of a button or a press of the finger

ADC v2.0 Enhanced Functionality

  • Managed conference
  • Enhanced usability
  • More buttons
  • Searchable history
  • Professional UI
  • Call forward all
  • Call forward busy
  • Call forward, no answer
  • Park/Pickup
  • Multiple aliases per button
  • Automatic tabbing
  • Locked buttons
  • Blocked list
  • Quick access to all the critical features controlled by the dispatch console
  • The built-in address book is imported directly from Aeonix

Clustered UC Platform

  • Distributed Environments
  • Active Active hot standby
  • Central and Unified Management
  • Telephony, Video, Collaboration
  • Mobility