A Promise to Our Customers





What do we Mean by “Our Promise?

At Communication Service Solutions, we begin with a promise. A promise to deliver only the best products, expertise and 24 hour technical support to the North American Security industry.

Whether you are building a new Central Station from the ground up or need to upgrade your current operation. We have you covered.

The CSS team is made up of telephony and security industry product specialists and engineers who have spent their entire careers developing products or providing support exclusively to businesses just like yours.

With more than 25 years of industry experience CSS has designed telephony and call recording solutions for over 100 central stations and our equipment manages millions of alarm signals. And, we are just getting started.

Multiple Solutions, Multiple Options

  • SecurVoice a professional telephony recording solution
  • Aeonix telephony systems featuring a Virtual IP-PBX platform with N+1 redundancy and PRI to Analog conversion
  • Two-way voice management
  • Aeonix Contact Center, to manage all customer communications fluidly
  • Call accounting and CRM integration
  • Sur-Gard System III, System IV and
  • System 5 Central Station Receivers
  • CSTA interface to all major automation software systems


We Deliver on the Promise to Deliver the Best Solutions for your Central Station

SecurVoice a professional telephony recording solution increases operator productivity by monitoring real-time activity, evaluating customer interactions, and enhancing training. The system includes powerful tracking and analyzing capabilities through a browser-based interface. SecurVoice will help organizations achieve dramatic cost savings and productivity gains through more efficient access, creation, and management of critical communication data.

Aeonix telephony systems feature Virtual IP-PBX platform with N+1 redundancy, multiple servers and/or VM Ware compatible, multiple PRI & Analog Gateways and a CSTA interface to all major Automation software. As well as blended alarm and voice calls over PRI circuits, PRI to Analog conversion to Virtual receivers and robust IP Telephony for redundancy and mobility. The system is easy to use with desktop call handling with private IM & SMS, auto-dialing from automation software & Microsoft Outlook and auto-dialing with dealer phone number injection.

Aeonix Contact Center by CSS – In contrast to call centers, contact centers represent essential robust multimedia contact points between companies and their customers. Contact centers allow customers to choose between telephony, email, and chat customer contact options. This allows companies to track and manage time in queue, make intelligent and sophisticated routing decisions for their customer contacts, and help minimize call abandonment. It allows companies to maximize return on investment within its agent base and to ensure that staffing adjusts dynamically to demand. The ACC integrates seamlessly with customer CRM solutions and can easily blend inbound and outbound calls to manage sales campaigns and customer order processing.

Sur-Gard Central Station Receivers (System III, System IV, and System 5). Your receivers are the backbone of your operation, so it’s important that your equipment is installed and serviced by the best. You cannot leave something like this to chance or rely on a company that sells so many different products that their customer support and installation services have become a low priority.