Full Resporg Services and

Circuit Management

to Multiple Providers


CSS AlarmConnect™ bridges your customers’ and your infrastructure, end to end. CSS now offers the full suite of voice and data connectivity. We can provision access (circuits) at your location and overlay the various services. We handle voice routing, with direct peer connections to all the tier one carriers, offer competitive usage rates with no minimum usage commitments, and, as an FCC-registered RESPORG, control all provisioning, disaster recovery, and porting control aspects. We’re tapped into all the providers with accurate fibre maps to get you the best pricing on data circuits and design your services with features important to security, like redundancy and route diversity. We can provide IP routing and portability, so you aren’t tied to a specific ISP. CSS also offers and manages the edge devices that connect to these services.

CSS is now a one-call, does-it-all for your business. Gone are the days of finger-pointing and dealing with vendors who don’t understand the complexities of the security industry. With that one call, we can help you manage all aspects of your business technology components. And since we’re part of the security industry, you get live service 24/7/365.

CSS AlarmConnect™ provides voice and data circuits and manages the equipment to connect them, including SBCs, firewalls, and switchgear. By loading your numbers with multiple carriers, we can port or provision local and toll-free numbers with enhanced features like SMS, intelligent call processing, ID branding, stir/shaken, and on-demand disaster recovery. CSS AlarmConnect™ can also provide wireless services through partnerships with all the major carriers as a tertiary backup on-site or for use in cellular communicators.

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  • Data circuits for IP communication, Internet and cloud connection
  • SIP Trunks for voice and alarm communication, with IAD termination
  • Voice minutes, Toll-Free and DID numbers
  • Keep your IP services
  • Cellular services and SIM cards


Network Gear

Cisco Select Partners specializes in designing and managing firewalls, switchgear, and wireless solutions, so you don’t have to keep a network engineer on the payroll.

Voice Circuits

We can provide you with trunks on demand explicitly designed for alarm processing and the critical needs of central station voice.

Internet Circuits

CSS employs several tools to determine what providers are servicing your area, and we can provide you with competitive quotes on this critical service.

Wireless Solutions

We’ve partnered with several cellular carriers to provide you with SIM cards and can even do a cost analysis of your cellular phone bills to get you the best service at the best price.

Local and Toll-Free Numbers

CSS is a REPORG, so we can handle all your porting needs, new provisioning, vanity numbers, and SMS and load them with all your preferred carriers for redundancy.


Inter/Intra LATA Minutes

We can provide your central station competitive rates backed by direct peer connection to tier-one carriers—no minimum usage. There are no bundle requirements.

Toll-Free Disaster Recovery

As your RESPORG, CSS can recover your toll-free traffic in minutes between almost any carrier to work around regional or nationwide outages.

Partner Program

CSS can partner with your central station to directly bill your dealers for telecom usage, sharing your discounted rates or automatically adding a markup that goes back to you.

Keep Your IP

Avoid being tied to a carrier or a central station by having your own routable IP addresses that you can point to or disaster recover wherever or whenever you like—trusted since 2006.


Besides the many products we offer, all under one umbrella, you get the benefit of a single call to handle all your needs. Our staff has worked in and supported life safety environments for decades. We understand your business and all of the components that make it run. We fully understand the consequences of a missed signal. One call resolution from a partner that understands that is invaluable.

If you have a problem, you have to diagnose it to figure out who to call, but you may even have to involve multiple vendors that don’t talk to or even understand the services they each provide to you or how they work together. There’s your phone company, Internet service provider, network vendor, PBX vendor, receiver vendor, and IT staff – the list goes on and on. We are the only complete solution to the security industry. CSS are the central station experts.