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In the rapidly evolving landscape of the alarm industry, KeepYourIP™ empowers you with a dedicated, secure IPv4 address, ensuring peace of mind as your business navigates the IP-based world of the internet. As the industry transitions to internet-based alarm systems, our service allows you to direct the growth of your business according to your preferences.

With the advent of internet-based alarm systems, traditional communication methods are being replaced by IP connections, either wired or wireless. KeepYourIP™ recognizes the urgency of this shift, emphasizing the need for every alarm dealer, regardless of size, to have control over the routing of customer alert signals. This control is crucial for smart business decisions like changing central stations or responding to disaster recovery situations.

When an alarm signal is sent, it seamlessly passes through our equipment, enabling you to direct it to the IP address of your configured central station within milliseconds. This process occurs discreetly, faster, and cleaner than traditional toll-free methods, with neither the customer nor the central station aware that signals are under your control.




Ensure consistency in monthly costs, immunity to toll-free numbers’ usage, and distance sensitivity.



Increase the value of your company, facilitating future sales or territorial partitioning without incurring additional costs.



Easily make changes at your fingertips, adapting to Central Stations changing their Internet Service Providers.



Move your alarm panels to another central station seamlessly without delays or inconveniences.



Enjoy more reliable and stable communication through IP compared to traditional toll-free methods.



Retain control and independence over your company, ensuring you dictate who monitors your clients’ alarm panels.


Accelerate RMR with Minimal Investment

Add KeepYourIP™ to your portfolio of services, providing alarm dealers the flexibility to move clients effortlessly when needed. Control your dependence on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) with minimal time and cost investment.

Benefits for Wholesale Monitoring Companies:

  • Fast Response: Reroute alarm signals within 15 minutes through our online portal in the event of a disaster.
  • Flexibility: Change your Internet Service Provider without inconveniencing alarm dealers or incurring technician costs.

Why Choose KeepYourIP™

With extensive experience supporting central station brands in the security industry, KeepYourIP™ offers unmatched services. Explore our partner program or contact us for more information and assistance.

Additional Products



Dual IP Addresses

Dual IP addresses provide one West Coast IP from our TierPoint Seattle Data Center and one East Coast IP from our RackSpace Virginia Data Center, giving you true bicoastal redundancy from two separate data center companies. Each IP comes with one port assigned to it.


Dual Video IP

Dual IP addresses for Video provide one West Coast IP from our TierPoint Seattle Data Center and one East Coast IP from our RackSpace Virginia Data Center, giving you true bicoastal redundancy from two separate data center companies. Each IP comes with one port assigned to it. Cost is higher because we prioritize the video signals on separate servers to handle the bandwidth needed to transmit the video signal.


Multiple Ports

With our new Multiple Ports feature, you can have multiple ports assigned to a single IP address. This will make it easy for your technicians to keep track of only one set of IP addresses that can be used for multiple things that communicate to your central station. This also works well when your central station maxes out the capacity of the IP port in the receiver, and you get assigned another port for new installations moving forward to communicate on.


Port Translation

This allows your accounts in the field that are set up on one port and need the alarm signal to terminate to another port at the central station. An example would be when your panels are programmed to DMP port 2001, but your new monitoring center needs you to use port 2004. This happens if you leave one central station for another, but the new CS uses a different port for their receiver. This will also allow you to make the change in the portal and not have to re-program all of your accounts to change to the new port. Another benefit is when a central station is using a hosted environment for DR and the ports are different, you need to move everything at once and have everything pointed to a separate port.


Usage Reporting

This will allow you to get unlimited access in 24-hour chunks to usage reporting on your IP addresses; this will allow you to have visibility to the device’s public IP using the time stamp of the receiver. You will also be able to see all traffic, which will help when trying to track down nefarious activity. You can block up to five IP addresses that send junk signals like a runaway or equipment that is not yours that could overwhelm an IP card in a receiver. You can also unblock the IP anytime; all this control is within your account on the portal. This works great with our unlimited usage reporting because you will be able to see all the raw data that we are receiving from your panels in the field, determine what is real and what is not, and then block the IP.


KeepYourIP™ is a global leader in providing secure alarm signals for the security alarm industry. Our services enable dealers, integrators, and central stations to have complete control over their IPv4 alarm signals at an affordable price. Choose KeepYourIP™ for unparalleled security and control in the evolving world of alarm systems.