The  SG-System 5 builds upon the CSS and Sur-Gard legacy, maintaining world-leading quality standards in monitoring station receivers. Sur-Gard is known to deliver the utmost reliability through features such as integrated redundancy, eliminating the costs incurred by system downtime. The new SG-System 5 additionally ensures that the investment in the system is future-proofed by catering to growing system requirements. Up to 1,474,560 IP Cellular or Ethernet communicators can be monitored through upgrade license keys and upgradeable memory.


Supports Innovative Alarm Verification Solutions

SG-System 5 supports industry trending alarm verification solutions such as visual verification, significantly reducing incremental costs that can be incurred by false alarms, while adding to the security professional’s RMR.

PIR cameras are strategically installed as part of a security system and are activated
the moment an alarm is triggered. Via the SG-System 5 Receiver, images are sent instantly through to the monitoring facility where the situation can rapidly and accurately be assessed and escalated to authorities, if required, while providing respondents with critical information. SG-System 5 allows Central Monitoring Stations access to visual verification images. In conjunction with compatible automation companies, the integrated software allows for seamless visual verification viewing and increased output that enhances the speed of processing alarm communications.


  • Monitor up to 1,474,560 IP communicators (Cellular or Ethernet) with up to 24 IP line cards and upgrade License keys
  • Upgradeable memory to handle extensive future IP account capacity
  • Supports visual verification features for DSC PowerSeries Neo
  • Industry-leading account density per U rack for a reduced overall size of 4U
  • SG-DRL5-IP line card with a capacity of up to 4,096 (512 visual verification/512 supervised/3072 unsupervised) IP accounts, upgradable up to 61,440 via license keys
  • Integrated redundancy eliminating downtime
  • Fully ‘hot swappable’ modules
  • Auto-switching redundancy for power and output peripherals
  • CMS access to visual verification files through SG-Systems Console
  • Remote upgradable via SG-Systems Console
  • Enhanced real-time system status and hardware diagnostics via SG-Systems Console and touchscreen interface

Smaller Yet Packed With Power

The lean and compact footprint of the Sur-Gard System 5 virtual receiver makes space management in receiver rooms easy. With a reduced overall size of 4U, SG-System 5 offers the industry’s highest account density per U rack.

The built-in redundancy for power and auto-switching assures continuous performance of all peripheral devices connected to the output ports. The line cards are ‘hot swappable,’ which means they can be quickly removed and/or replaced while the system is live.

The robust CPM has built-in diagnostics that proactively identify issues and report them to the easy-to-use WindowsTM-based SG-Systems Console software. Continually monitoring the automation software ensures automatic backup to a redundant port. For example, if the automation system goes offline, the CPM automatically switches from the primary Ethernet port to a secondary one or one of two serial ports before going into manual mode.

Programming changes can be easily made using the menu-driven touch screen or remotely over the network Ethernet connection using SG-Systems Console Software. Firmware upgrades can be conveniently done as they become available via SG-Systems Console Software without additional hardware, eliminating associated downtime. The SG-Systems Console Software also offers hardware diagnostics, monitoring the fan, power, network supervision, as well as the overall health of System 5. An intuitive touchscreen interface makes navigating through manual programming very simple. Real-time system status is also available through this user-friendly touchscreen.

The IP line cards – SG-DRL5-IP – support up to 512 supervised accounts, up to 512 visual verification accounts, and up to 3072 unsupervised accounts. Using license keys, two standard tables may be added for up to 12,228 per card. Further IP account expansion to adapt to business growth can easily be handled through SG-System 5 extended-capacity license keys with up to 15,360 unsupervised accounts, up to 2,560 supervised accounts and up to 2,560 visual verification accounts, resulting in up to 61,440 per line card and 1,474,560 for 24 lines.

  • 19”x3.5”x12.24”(38cmx9cmx31.1cm)
  • 4U
  • NOTE: Uses standard 19″ rack
  • 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A (Max) 200W max.
Battery Backup
  • External UPS (not supplied)
Operating Environment
  • 32 – 122 °F (0 – 50 °C) 90%, non-condensing
Built-in Connectors
  • Parallel printer port
  • 2 X Serial RS-232 connection to Automation Software (used by monitoring station)
  • Serial RS-232 connection to external serial printers
  • Ethernet: RJ45 modular jack for 1GB or 10/100Base automation output
Line Card Capacity
  • Up to 24 line cards
Line Card – IP (SG-DRL5-IP)
  • 512-event memory buffer/card
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Anti-hack design
  • Compatibility with all DSC IP Alarm Communicators (Cellular or Ethernet) and licensed partners
  • 512 Visual verification IP accounts – 512 Supervised IP accounts
  • 3,072 Unsupervised IP accounts
Visual display
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • FCC Part 15 Class B
  • UL1610 (Commercial Burg)
  • UL864 (Commercial Fire)
  • Technical Specifications – CSFM (Commercial Fire)
  • NIST Certification for AES 128-bit encryption
  • ICES Class B
  • ULC-S559 (Commercial Fire)
  • ULC-S304 (Commercial Burg)
  • CE Compliance – EN6100-6-3
  • EN50130-4
  • EN60950-1
Australia/New Zealand
  • C-Tick Compliance


Part No. Description
SG-S5BASE SG-MLRF5, SG-CPM5, SG-PSU5-600 with fan, SG-UIB5
SG-S5REDUN SG-CPM5, SG-SG-PSU5-600 with fan, SG-UIB5
SG-DRL5-IPSTD DRL5-IP receiver line card with paddle board


Part No. Description
SG-DRL5-IPSLIC2 Additional 512/512/3072 visual verification/ supervised/unsupervised IP accounts
SG-DRL5-IPSLIC3 Additional 512/512/3072 visual verification/ supervised/unsupervised IP accounts
SG-DRL5-IPXLIC1 Additional 1,024/1,024/6,144 visual verification/ supervised/unsupervised IP accounts
SG-DRL5-IPXLIC2 Additional 2560/2560/15,360 visual verification/ supervised/unsupervised IP accounts
SG-DRL5-IPXLIC3 additional 2560/2560/15,360 visual verification/ supervised/unsupervised IP accounts


Part No. Description
SG-MLRF5 Sub-rack metal work
G-MLRF5-RM Rack mount rails
SG-PSU5-600 600W PSU
SG-CPM5 CPM module
SG-DRL5-IP PAD Paddle card
SG-S5LFANTR DRL5-IP line card fan tray
SG-S5SERCAB System 5 serial y cables
SG-UIB5 User interface touchscreen module
SG-UIB5-BP User interface blank plate