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Worried about your AVAYA PBX?

  • June 14, 2017
  • by geoffreyv
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Worried about your AVAYA PBX? Don’t Be!


CSS Aeonix to the Rescue

  • Linux Based Application
  • Virtual N+1 Redundant Platform
  • Active-Active-Active load sharing
  • CSTA to Automation Software
  • PRI to Analog Conversion
  • Single Synchronized Data Base

  • UL827 Ready
  • No Geographic Limitation
  • VM Ware & Hyper V
  • Networked Gateways
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Mobile PERS

Need 20 PRI circuits, no problem. Need 480 Analog circuits, no problem.
500 IP Phones and some remote via the Internet, no problem.
Aeonix Enhanced self Monitoring Tool for UL827, no problem.


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